Leading change by setting a positive example

Eco-llectivism is about how to face the challenges of becoming a sustainable business by transforming our mindset, both within the organisation and with our customers.

• How do we go from idea to reality and how do we engage our employees?
• How do we reach tipping points to make the public change their behaviour and create a norm?

By showing real examples on how we can change social norms, behaviours, habits and make individual choices, Eco-llectivism will help us to reach a sustainable lifestyle, and learn how to transform our own mindset into finding new products, services and future investments.

The necessary add  on.png

Change where it matters

The necessary add on is about new consumer demands and how sustainable products and services become the solution in all business sectors.

• What role does sustainability play in creating new products and services, in public procurement and in future investments?
• How can a sustainable perspective accelerate business development?

By making necessary changes, from the product assortment to public procurement, the consumer can in the end have it all: high-quality, sustainable, healthy, fantastic products. The necessary add on teaches us about the power of putting our effort in the right place to achieve efficient sustainable businesses.

Streamlining sustainability.png

Platforms for change

Streamlining sustainability is about finding new platforms. Platforms that will help us find the strength and great value in our own teams and show us how partnerships create endless possibilities to move forward.

• What is your dream team?
• How can partnerships contribute to more effective solutions towards a sustainable future?
• How can we build organisations that are collaborative to achieve what is required?

For us to succeed in creating a truly sustainable society, we need to collaborate. The theme streamlining sustainability will give us the tools for how to accelerate business and sustainability through partnerships.

Values for the money.png


Values for the money is about finding the values in our own organisation. It’s no longer about what we are doing or how we are doing it, it is about the ‘why’!

• What is your ’why’?
• How do we attract employees and consumers in the future? And how do we keep them?
• How do we turn your sustainability business into a capital of trust?

We will explore why sustainability is the key to attract and retain talent and how to build strong employer brands. Values for the money will give us ideas about attracting and retaining employees while developing successful businesses.