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Nina Ekelund

Excecutive Director, Haga Initiative

Nina has more than 20 years of experience working with environment and climate issues. She is the Executive Director of the Haga Initiative, a network of companies aiming to reduce its carbon impact. Nina is also founder and partner at the agency 2050.

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Peter Alestig

Climate editor, Svenska Dagbladet

Peter is not only the climate editor at Svenska Dagbladet he is also the author of “Klimatkollen”, SvD’s weekly newsletter on climate related issues. He has previously worked as an editor of the business section and as an Africa correspondent. Peter is also an experienced facilitator.

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Savvy Design Collaborative

Savvy Design Collaborative is a business development agency creating meaningful and positive change in society and daily life through people driven design. We help crafting internal design driven cultures and new ways of working, enabling sustainable development."


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